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Trademark Registration

Trademark registration provides an exclusive right to the owner and makes its products and services distinctive from others. It is not mandatory by law; however it is a good idea to get it done for..

Copyright Registration

IEC Registration is required to be obtained by anyone willing to start an import/export business in India. IEC is a 10-digit code issueDo you know how important it is to Copyright your creative work? Copyright provides valid and exclusive rights over his/her work. Are you planning to copyright your creative or artistic work? Then..

Patent Registration

The process of Patent registration involves a series of steps that are mandatory to be followed. Are you planning to protect your patent and get a priority date for your patent by filing a Patent ap..

Trademark Objection

If your trademark is objected, it doesn’t mean it has been rejected. Your respond on the objection of a trademark can upgrade the chances of registering the trademark. Expert Consultation..

Trademark Assignment

To transfer the ownership of a trademark from one party to another whether along with or without the goodwill of the business, it is required to get the Trademark Assignment done. The assignor before..

Design Registration

Design registration gives exclusive right to its owner and creator. The registration gives authority to the creator to use the design for a period of ten years, the time period can be extended for fiv..

Trademark Rectification

Any sort of changes, modification, rectification or alteration performed in the registered trademark or in the Register of Trademarks is known as Trademark Rectification. Package Inclusion Eli..

Intellectual Property Dispute

Infringement is the most common type of intellectual property dispute. Intellectual Property is an intangible asset which contains set of rights controlling the ownership, sale of items, any product c..

International Trademark Registration

Trademark registration is limited to territories. That is to say, for each country where you want to mark your presence you have to apply for separate trademark application. It is essential for yo..

Trademark Renewal

Get a notification that your trademark has been renewed successfully for another ten years. Count CorpBiz and find the Finest and dedicated CorpBiz team in legal services. Yes, Trademark Renewal is..

Trademark Classes Finder

Get your Trademark Classes Finder to uniform your unique needs in a very affordable service! Yes! You are just a phone call away from the well-organized Trademark Class Service of the CorpBiz team i..

Trademark Search

Get the trademark search watch parameter to uniform your unique needs in extremely affordable services with attractive discounts! Yes! You are just a phone call away from the well-organized trademar..

Copyright Disclaimer

A Copyright disclaimer provides clear conditions of content use as well as a discretionary disallowance within the disclaimer. We acknowledge that your creative work is your asset. Have absolute con..

NGO Registration

Non-Profit Organizations basically work for the betterment of society. Each law determines the registration process of a different type of organization and choosing the kind of registration process..

80G and 12A Registration

NGOs must apply for 12A & 80G Certificate to provide income tax exemption to the donors! It also helps NGOs in availing government funding. Drafting of application for 12A & 80G exemp..

Section 8 Company Registration

A section 8 company is a company registered under Companies, Act 2013 with a non-profit motive. If differs from a company in various aspects and the income of the Section 8 company must be used to p..

Society Registration

Chase the Vision for Society Registration & Have a Million Dollar Dream of Social Entrepreneurship with CorpBiz Experts! Get Expert Consultation Document and File preparation Dr..

FCRA Registration

The primary objective of FCRA registration is to legalize the receipt of any foreign contribution by domestic entities and for ensuring the proper utilization of such funds for the specified purpose..

12AA Registration

All income of the organization cannot be taxed once this registration is done. Form 10A is used to fill the application form for 12AA registration. Exemption on Income Tax is available for all NGO..

Trust Registration

To obtain the benefits of a Trust, it needs to meet certain prerequisites, and the registration process is one of the prerequisites. Are you planning to register the trust? Contact us and get the Tr..

12AB Registration

Acknowledging the important role played by the charitable institutions in the society, The Finance Ministryhas announced certain changes under the Income Tax Act for the Charitable Institutions and..

Strike off Section 8 Companies

Strike off refers to a process in which ROC removes the company’s name from the register of companies. Unfortunately, Section 8 companies does not have a liberty to opt for voluntary striking..

NGO CSR-1 Filing

Without filing Form CSR1, an NGO cannot get CSR funds from corporates. Let, Corbiz handle your NGO CSR1 Filing for you! Help in Proper documentation as per the requirement. Assistance in..

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