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Overview of BIS Registration

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is a government-backed body involved with Conformity Assessment, Standardization, and Quality Assurance of goods, services, processes and systems. The Indian standards developed by this apex organization underpin the basis for the Product Certification Schemes, which facilitates Third Party Assurance of safety, quality, & reliability of products to the end-users.

BIS certification scheme is essentially voluntary in nature. But, for certain products, compliance to Indian standards is made mandatorily by the Indian Government under several considerations, namely; Public interest, human safety, animal or plant health, environmental protection, prevention of illicit trade practices & national security. For these goods, the Indian Government mandates the use of Standard Mark under Certificate of Conformity (CoC) or license from BIS via issuance of QSOs.

Key Undertakings Performed by BIS

  • Standards formulation
  • Registration scheme
  • Certification: product, hallmarking and systems
  • I-Care Activities (for consumer and industry)
  • International Activities
  • Financial Resources
  • Training and Information services

Objectives of BIS

  • Continual & harmonies development of standardization, quality certification, & marking
  • Seamless development of a national strategy for standards recognition and syncing them with development of products as well as exports
  • To ensure new thrust to quality control and standardization.

Key Benefits of Securing BIS certification

  • In A Nutshell, BIS Certificate;

    • Provides ground for Total Quality Management, i.e. TQM
    • Ensures better utilization of resources
    • Get rid of overhead expenses used to manufacture the final products.
    • Facilitate global recognition, thereby ensuring access to untapped and overseas market
    • Serves as strong evidence of product quality
    • Enable firm to deploy bespoke quality management
    • Aids firm to improve market reputation over time.

Documents Required for ISO Certification

For documentation, the first step is choosing the type of ISO Certification required for the business. The essential documents required for ISO Registration/Certification are:

  • Identity and address proof of the applicant along with a copy of PAN Card and Aadhar card.
  • Passport Size Photographs of the applicant
  • Utility Bill or Electricity Bill
  • Copy of Sale deed in case of owned property.
  • If the place of business is a rented property, a Rent Agreement is required.
  • In the case of a company, a Certificate of Incorporation, the MOA and AOA.

Steps Need To Be Performed For Securing BIS Registration

Applicants Can Apply For BIS Certification Via Offline Or Online Mode. The Following Instruction Is Meant For Applicants Seeking To Apply Via Offline Mode;

  • Visit the BIS portal and download the perceived application form.
  • Fill the application and attest to the aforesaid documentations.
  • Submit the applicant and attested documents to the BIS office via post.
  • BIS officials, upon receiving the said application, shall initiate the standard evaluation process of the same.
  • After document verification, on-site scrutiny will be conducted by the BIS official, and after that detailed report shall be generated.
  • Next, the BIS officials make their visit to the production facility for sample testing. The sample may be tested on-site or via BIS-certified labs, depending on the type of products.
  • A detailed report will be generated after the evaluation process, and accordingly, the certificate is issued to the applicant.

What Is the Role of Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS)?

  • Compulsory Registration Scheme, i.e. CRS, aims to facilitate much-needed momentum to the rapidly thriving sectors of IT and electronics while concurrently safeguarding Indian customers from mediocre & substandard products.
  • Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (aka MeitY), formerly known as DeitY, has notified “Electronics and Information Technology Goods (Requirement for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2012” on October 3rd 2012, for the very first phase of electronics products.
  • Since then, more phases have been appended to the Compulsory Registration Scheme(CRS). Orders clearly stated that no individual should manufacture, sell, ship, or distribute products that defy the Indian standard and lack standard marking with a unique registration number secured from BIS.
  • The licensing authority, i.e. BIS issues a license to the product manufacturers to affix standard mark along with unique R-number via registration based on self-declaration conformity as per the Indian Standards.
  • The grant of license & its undertaking under Compulsory Registration Scheme is performed as per the conformity assessment scheme exists under Scheme – II of Schedule – II of BIS (Conformity Assessment) Regulations, 2018′.

Get In Touch With ApkaTax Professional for Availing Of BIS Certification with Ease

There is no denying that securing BIS certification is an intricate affair that seeks adequate skill and a professional approach. A lot of mistakes occurs in the documentation part that inherently leads to the cancellation of the application. With Corpbiz support at your disposal, you do not need to encounter such hassles. All you need to facilitate requested credentials and information to our expert, and you are good to go. Our professionals will take care of all the formalities and ensure seamless delivery of certification in a prompt time frame.

Frequently Asked Questions

First, fill up the standard application form and attach the same with mandatory documents. Next, appoint an AIR, i.e. Authorized Indian Representative, via the standard nomination form. Lastly, submit these documents at the BIS headquarter, New Delhi, along with the standard fee.

BIS Registration Certificate is essentially granted to Manufacturing Units. However, traders and importers of eligible products can also secure this certification in the name of their respective Manufacturing Units.

Product certification as per the BIS is aimed to guarantee safety, quality, and reliability to third parties. The certification aims to ensure product conformity as per the Indian Standards (IS).

BIS registration remains valid for the duration of two years, and it is renewal in nature. The authority seeks a few documents and prescribed fees for this purpose. On-site or lab testing is not required to renew the BIS certification.

The BIS mark is mandatory for several types of IT and electrical items, including TV, keyboard, batteries, etc. In contrast, the ISI mark is compulsory for items like food products, cement, steel material etc. The ISI mark also encompasses various voluntary BIS certification product categories.

Yes, given the exemption cited in the compulsory hallmarking order, a jeweller with a yearly turnover of less than INR 40 lacs may sell hallmarked jewellery in locations under mandatory hallmarking if they have a certificate of registration from BIS.

Common documents required for securing BIS registration include a Business certificate, tax certificate, List of machinery and product, AIR nomination form ( in case of the foreign manufacturer), etc.

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